Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for service?

Persons eligible for services are 16 years of age or over, residents of the state of Iowa, and eligible for the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver.

My son or daughter requires 24 hour supervision. How many people live in one home and how many staff are on duty?

Three or four persons live in one home; the number of staff on duty depends on the unique needs of the individuals living there. Typically, two staff are on duty when people are at home. It is common to have a third staff for designated periods to provide support and opportunity for people to get out into the community for purpose and pleasure.

As a guardian, why should I choose AmeriServe to provide services to my son or daughter?It is difficult to think of uprooting him/her from their current home.

A carefully chosen service provider which offers the required supports is in position to enhance the person's quality of life through increased opportunities. AmeriServe offers the opportunity to live a life of purpose and pleasure. Become familiar with the services and supports available through AmeriServe is the first step, and require no commitment.

How can I be assured of the health and safety of my son or daughter?

By continued involvement in the life of the persons served, a parent or guardian, along with the person, remains the driver of services. AmeriServe employees are well-trained in the unique health and safety needs of each individual. Excellent medical facilities are available in the Council Bluffs/Omaha metropolitan area for ongoing medical supports as well as emergency care.

My son or daughter would like to live in an apartment but needs assistance in some areas of daily living. Does AmeriServe provide this kind of support?

Yes, AmeriServe provides Hourly Supported Community Living as an option to people who need that level of support. Hourly supports may be authorized for purposes of socialization, transportation, medical administration, budgeting and paying bills, or cleaning and housekeeping.

Will you describe the day service program?

The day service program offers the opportunity for people to become a part of the greater community in which they live. This is accomplished through volunteerism. As a volunteer in the community, people make contributions to the community and, in return, are perceived as valued members of the community.