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Our Process

Our approach makes AmeriServe unlike any other personal development group. We believe in coaching rather than telling. Self-awareness over unconscious behaviors.

You talk. We'll listen. Share your vision, challenges, successes, and strengths. We'll support your plan to meet your goal.

Planning & Focus

Once your plan is formed, we'll help prepare you for your journey. That way, everyone begins with a clear understanding of the purpose, the process, and the schedule.


As you meet the needs of your lifestyle, we will continue to get together so our team can provide additional guidance and support.


We don't believe "one solution fits all". Options give you the opportunity to take ownership of your exploration and help us work around schedules and other aspects of your life.

Discovery & Implementation

Let the exploration begin! Through coaching, listening, and discussing various elements of your lifestyle, yyou will gain a new perspective on how you want to move your life path forward.

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