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Power of Proof

Brian H.

In my own words this is what has happened thus far from when I was in the hourly program, I have gotten to move into my own apartment thus making myself live independently. I have learned to live within a budget, I have learned to shop independently, cook and clean as well as help other when they need help. I am the proud owner and CEO of the Unrealgaming Entertainment, my own gaming company. I even order my own medications and call in for doctor's appointments occasionally when I need to. I am able to accomplish much more than what I used to before I was on my own.

Spencer C.

I have been part of the AmeriServe family for about 6 years. I attend TPC on Mondays and Wednesdays. I really enjoy the time I am able to spend at TPC. It has helped me become more confident. This past year I have worked to try and be a better leader to my peers at TPC by setting a good example with participating in activities and not complaining when we do things that aren't my preferred activity, or encouraging someone when they are having a bad day. The team members at TPC always treat me with respect and show concern for me. I am part of a committee that has input for client about activities we ill participate in. I like being part of this group and it gives me more say about what things we wiill do each day. A goal I have at TPC is to help staff with the schedule each day and encouraging my peers to participate. I like this goal and feel it has helped me with my ability to initiate better. I want to thank AmeriServe for everything they have done to help me be a better person.

Brian W.

I am 28 years old and I have been with ASI for 10 years. I was in a 24 hour house where I had 3 roommates. I had alone time and I would not come back all day and that got me in to trouble with the law, so I tried to do better. I worked hard for 3 years and did so good that I went to Hourly. I got a roommate for my apartment and got to do what I wanted to do. I could be out all day without checking in with anyone. I like that a lot. I am still trying to better myself. It will take time I know. I can do it with the help from ASI.

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